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A boutique web development agency based in Chorley, Lancashire since 1998.

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Site Audits

Assessing your world wide web from the ground up

Regular site audits will ensure your site is performing to the best of its ability.

Has your website been running for quite some time now? Do you experience regular intervals of high traffic and activity on your web pages? Then it might be time you thought about conducting a professional site audit. The older and busier your site becomes, the more venerable it is to security threats, slow loading times and weak SEO performance. A professional site audit will ensure your site performs at optimum level and avoids these risks as best possible.

Our experienced site auditors will analyse your site from the bottom up, providing recommendations for the areas that require improvement or serious attention. When we are finished you will be presented with a comprehensive site report, detailing our findings and suggestions. The process is quick, extremely detailed and totally transparent to ensure you get all of the necessary information.

Cake PHP Chorley


As CakePHP experts we are often asked to take a look at an application to ensure it is working properly and that the user journey is optimised to provide the best site experience possible. Our professional and seamless CakePHP audits service will ensure your app is built to exact CakePHP standards and that the back-end functionality is working as clean as a whistle. Read More →

Custom WordPress Development


If you think your site has a problem or simply believe it could perform a little better, you should consider our professional WordPress Audit service. Perhaps your site is loading very slowly or you have a suspicion your site’s security is under threat? Maybe it’s just been a while since you last checked your site and you need some cobwebs taking care of? Whatever the reason, a full site audit is always a wise exercise and one that could boost your site’s performance. Read More →

Magento Experts Chorley


A WooCommerce audit is always a worthy project, especially if your online store has been running for some time now. Slow loading pages, security threats and poor SEO performance are all the more likely the older your website becomes. If you believe your store could perform better then we can help identify and assess your problems with our WooCommerce Site Audit service. Read More →


The OpenCart eCommerce platform allows users to manage every aspect of their online store, with extensive order and customer management functionality. Like any other site on the world wide web, there are things you should do and things you should try to avoid to ensure your OpenCart site is performing the best it should.

Magento Errors


Around 25% of all stores online use Magento as an eCommerce platform. Users are able to completely control the look, feel and performance of their site with this extremely flexible shopping cart solution. If you run a particularly large or busy Magento website it can be hard to find time to perform regular reviews, improvements and bug fixes.

LWD Site Audit Service

We analyse and review your site based on a list of conditions that typically covers:

  • SEO performance
  • Site security
  • Malware protection
  • Speed optimisation
  • Theme and design
  • Responsiveness
  • Plugins and enhancements
  • Data backups
  • Content optimisation
  • Updates
  • User experience

Site Audits

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