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WordPress Site Audits

Professional WordPress site audits to keep you regularly updated and ahead of the game.

If you think your site has a problem or simply believe it could perform a little better, you should consider our professional WordPress Audit service. Perhaps your site is loading very slowly or you have a suspicion your site’s security is under threat? Maybe it’s just been a while since you last checked your site and you need some cobwebs taking care of? Whatever the reason, a full site audit is always a wise exercise and one that could boost your site’s performance.

Professional and Personal WordPress Audit

As one of the very first WordPress specialists in our region, we know exactly what to look out for and what to scrutinise. We conduct a review of your site based on a list of criteria that typically covers:

  • Site security and malware protection
  • Plugins and enhancements
  • SEO performance
  • Theme, design and responsiveness
  • User experience
  • Content optimisation
  • Data backups
  • Updates

On completion of our findings we will present you with a report and a list of our recommendations for possible improvements. The online world moves very quickly, with regular updates and changes to search engine algorithms and processes. A shiny new site can become stale very quickly these days and you do not want to lose out on custom due to poor site performance. Contact us today for more information on how we can help improve your user experience.

One of the original WordPress experts, with over a decade of experience.

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WordPress Site Audits

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