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A boutique web development agency based in Chorley, Lancashire since 1998.

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Made In Chorley

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Help & Support

Here to help when you need us the most

Here to provide help and support whenever and wherever it is needed.

Our web development and eCommerce experts are here to provide all of the help and support you may need. From small content and web-loading issues to large data migration problems, we are able to assist no matter the size and scale of your support requirements. We specialise explicitly in WooCommerce, WordPress and all things PHP – so if you’re experiencing problems in any of these areas give us a call! Our expert team of developers have decades of experience and are on call whenever and wherever you need them most.

Unresolved issues and broken elements of your site can lead to serious amounts of downtime and loss of custom. Professional help and support will ensure you do not risk making the problem worse or causing more downtime for your business. We can take care of your site’s small big fixes, security, maintenance, migrations, speed optimisation, SEO performance, app integration and much, much more.

Cake PHP Chorley


Having issues with your application developed with Laravel? Here at Lime Web Development have all the expertise required to help you get to the bottom of any PHP problems you may be facing. Whether you host a small application or a large online retail store, we are here around-the-clock to offer friendly support and helpful advice. Read More →

Custom WordPress Development


Here at Lime Web Development we have a variety of resources and a number of experts to help you get the most out of your WordPress site. Whether you host a small blog or a large eCommerce site, we are happy to help with any problems you might face. Read More →

Magento Experts Chorley


Having problems with your WooCommerce store? Issues with this plugin can be catastrophic at times, costing you money and losing you custom left, right and centre. Security is also a considerable concern when it comes to ensuring your WooCommerce store set-up is working perfectly. Read More →


Lime Web Development offer a personal and tailored Help and Support service for your OpenCart store. If you need some simple advice, a resolution to a problem or a full support package we can help.

Magento Errors


Are you experiencing lots of error messages? Need some help with your code or has your site crashed? Our Magento specialists will be able to solve any bugs, errors or queries you have no matter how big or small. We can help with plugin functionality, internal server errors, CSS fixes and site speed. Read More →

Need Urgent Support?

Do you have an urgent situation or emergency crisis?

If your site is down or has a major malfunction then you can use our 24/7 out-of-hours support service.

We are here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for those urgent circumstances that simply cannot wait.

A member of our on-call staff will be able to resolve your issue quickly and efficiently. The vast majority of emergency calls are resolved within 24 hours, usually within minutes.

So rest assured your site is in safe hands!

Help & Support

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