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Made In Chorley

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CakePHP Site Audits

Letting you know where and when your CakePHP doesn’t taste so good.

As CakePHP experts we are often asked to take a look at an application to ensure it is working properly and that the user journey is optimised to provide the best site experience possible. Our professional and seamless CakePHP audits service will ensure your app is built to exact CakePHP standards and that the back-end functionality is working as clean as a whistle.

Boost Performance with CakePHP Audits

Our CakePHP developers will focus on:

  • MVC code architecture
  • Code qualify and clarity
  • CSS / JavaScript speed issues
  • SEO and SEM bugs
  • Page and SSL validation
  • Security and server architecture
  • Plugins and extensions
  • Database configuration
  • Content analysis
  • User experience and performance
  • Design and responsiveness

Once the audit is complete and the report has been compiled we can meet to discuss our findings and agree a resolution to your issues if required. We will create a list of actionable recommendations, in priority order, so you know exactly what issues are affecting your site the most. Contact our team today for more information or to see how we can help with the performance of your application.

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CakePHP Site Audits

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