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OpenCart Site Audits

Recognising what is wrong with your OpenCart site, so you know how to put it right.

The OpenCart eCommerce platform allows users to manage every aspect of their online store, with extensive order and customer management functionality. Like any other site on the world wide web, there are things you should do and things you should try to avoid to ensure your OpenCart site is performing the best it should.

Some issues and problems are simply unavoidable, all that matters is that you are able to identify them effectively. After all, you are not able to fix anything if you have no idea what is broken. Our professional and friendly OpenCart audit service will completely review your online store from top to bottom, generating a list of any errors we may find. Our site auditors are quick, systematic and very experienced.

Main Features of an OpenCart Audit

  • MVC Issues
  • vQMod Issues
  • CSS / JavaScript speed issues
  • Page load times
  • Canonical links
  • 404 pages / 301 redirects
  • Directory and admin area access
  • SEO fixes
  • Page and SSL validation
  • DNS entry checking
  • Google Webmaster analysis

Lime Web Development OpenCart Site Audits

Here at Lime Web Development we always recommend having your site regularly audited – especially if you run a large site with lots of traffic. The day-to-day running of your business may take up all of your attention, meaning you have little time to dedicate to the upkeep and monitoring of your site. Just like a motorcar though, you should not leave it too long before taking it for a service!

After our audit is complete you will be presented with a comprehensive report with suggestions and advice on how your site can be improved. We can take care of these tweaks or leave them in your hands, the choice is up to you. Call us for more information or fill in the contact form below.

One of the original OpenCart experts, with over a decade of experience.

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OpenCart Site Audits

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