The team we have here at Lime Web Development are a small, tight-knit group of locally sourced legends! We’re proud to be a leading web development agency in the UK, delivering online services from our beautiful town of Chorley. This town was once famous for its cakes, but we hope to be the team that makes it known for its digital innovations!

Lots of Chorley Charm in Lovely Lancashire

Chorley is of course known for many other reasons, as this little Lancashire town has a lot to offer. We have a long history of contributions towards sporting achievements and have a selection of fantastic sports-related options within the local area. Here at Lime Web we particularly like a spot of cricket. Well we don’t just like cricket, we love it! Sorry – couldn’t help it!

What’s the best cricket club in town? Chorley Cricket Club of course! And as of this year we’ll be enjoying the games even more, because we’ve been honoured with the opportunity to sponsor the team!

Chorley Cricket Club

This wonderful club rose to greatness during the 90s. They played at Lords three times during this period, each time reaching the final of the Abbot Ale ECB National Club Cricket Championship. Nowadays, the team play in the Norther Premier Cricket League and Palace Shield. Home matches are played at Windsor Road – where you’ll see our name from now on!

The club offers three senior sides in total and a thriving youth academy full of exciting young prospects. This includes teams from under-10s to under-14 level and then an extra under-19s group too. All of these are managed and controlled by a team of fantastic coaches. You can follow their Twitter feed to keep up-to-date with team news and new player opportunities.

We Love You Chorley!

We absolutely love the people of Chorley. We believe this sponsoring opportunity is not only a way of marketing our own brand, but a chance to give something back to the local community. This is where we are from and this is where we practice what we love – custom web development and design. Together with Chorley Cricket Club, we aim to bring success to the town and smash our targets for six!

Lime Web Development is a small and focused specialist web development agency based in Chorley, Lancashire. We primarily produce PHP web applications in WordPress, WooCommerce and CakePHP.

Proud Sponsors of Chorley Cricket Club 2017