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A boutique web development agency based in Chorley, Lancashire since 1998.

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Made In Chorley

Chorley, Lancashire

The Go-To Web Developers for Strawberry Fields Digital Hub

As a local team of digital superheroes in Chorley, Lime Web Development is the go-to team for residents at the Strawberry Fields Digital Hub.

There’s a reason why we’re the no. 1 choice for organisations at Chorley’s Digital Hub. We’re based locally, operate at the forefront of the industry – and with over 20 years of programming experience, no one comes close. We specialise in WordPress, WooCommerce and Laravel – everything you need to ensure your web development project is a complete success.

A squeeze of lime with your strawberries?

WordPress Development Agency Chorley, Lancashire
WooCommerce Development Agency Chorley, Lancashire
Laravel Development Agency Chorley, Lancashire


Our love affair with WordPress began back in 2004. We’ve since become one of the most experienced experts in WordPress consultancy worldwide. Read More →


Find out how we can seamlessly incorporate WooCommerce functionality into an existing WordPress set-up or as part of a new ecommerce project. Read More →


With an all-inclusive skill set in Laravel web application development, we provide quality custom web applications for many businesses locally and at Strawberry Fields. Read More →

What Else We Do

We have many strings to our bow here at LWD. We specialise in platforms and skills such as WordPress, WooCommerce, Laravelwhite label development and much more. Simply let us know what you require. Find out more →

Why Choose Lime?

Decades of experience, the personal and friendly service we provide and the ability to obtain exactly what you want and expect from Strawberry Fields’ local web development agency. Find out more reasons why you should choose us. More details →

About Lime

Find out all there is to know about this boutique web development agency from the town of Chorley, Lancashire. About Lime →

Based at Strawberry Fields Digital Hub? We’d love to chat about your requirements and to see what we can do for you! Squeeze the Lime →

Lime Web Development

Strawberries Fields Forever!

As one of the very first and most experienced web development agencies in Chorley, we’re the perfect solution for anyone based at Strawberry Fields Digital Hub. Our goal is to become your trusted partner – a local team that operates as an extension on your own team. There is no middle management here. The person you speak to is the person doing the work, managing the account and based just around the corner.

Lime Web Development

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The Go-To Web Developers for Strawberry Fields Digital Hub

Lime Web Development
Lime Web Development