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Made In Chorley

Chorley, Lancashire
A boutique web development agency based in Chorley, Lancashire.

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Made In Chorley

Chorley, Lancashire


CubeCart 4 & CubeCart 5 themes, templates and mods for CC4 & CC5

Years of experience developing CubeCart 4 and CubeCart 5 themes and templates.

CubeCart is an eCommerce tool that allows thousands of merchants from around the world to sell their products online. The feature-rich solution has all of the functionality required to sell things online, plus a whole lot more. Here at Lime Web Development we offer professional eCommerce store development services with the use of this wonderful platform. Our team has years of experience in web development and building eCommerce stores and our work is always tailored to meet our customer’s exact requirements.

Benefits of Using CubeCart Software

  • Quick installation
  • HTML5 & CSS3 valid
  • Migrate from other eCommerce store platforms
  • Unlimited products, categories and images
  • Multi currencies
  • Invoice print facility
  • Stock control features
  • Cross selling

We specialise in designing and developing CubeCart 4 and CubeCart 5 themes, templates and mods for CC4, CC5. We also specialise in customer satisfaction, as the success of your business is always our priority.

What we do

CubeCart Design Chorley


We take care of design integration with CubeCart and user interface design with XHTML, CSS and graphic design. So you can have the look and feel you desire.

CubeCart Admin Chorley

Back End

The back end admin panel will also be customised to fit the ambitions and goals of your store, ensuring you have all of the information you need.

CubeCart Optimisation Chorley


If you require some assistance with your product entry we can also help with any imports/data migration or simply help you to catalogue your product range.

CubeCart Maintenance Chorley


Our professional maintenance service is systematic and seamless, ensuring your CubeCart store is kept up-to-date and running perfectly.

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